From Washington, DC to Los Angeles: A Mega Bike Ride Sponsored By Oh Grape

What's the furthest you've ridden a bike? 20 miles? 200 miles? Terence Hagerty might have you beat. In June, he embarked on a 2,700 mile cross country cycling adventure, taking him from Washington, DC to Los Angeles. Talk about an iron will! Like many others, Terence used 2020 as a time accomplish something he normally wouldn't even consider, so training commenced. 

Along with his training routine(riding back and forth between DC and Baltimore) Terence began to eat on a nutritional plan and take Oh Grape! Since training, he's lost over 30lbs(big surprise). He credits Oh Grape with helping his muscles to recover faster and deeper, longer sleep. 

To give this journey some positive purpose, he is raising funds for a charity close to his heart, the Kerry Rose Foundation. This charity was started to raise awareness for fire safety. 

Terence hasn't quite made it to LA yet(quick 200 mile detour to San Francisco), but he's so close he can taste it. If you want to learn more about Terence's travels or donate to the Kerry Rose Foundation, be sure to check out the website for District of Cycling.