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Our Story

I first learned of resveratrol about ten years ago when I saw a 60 Minutes piece touting it as a promising anti-aging supplement. Since then, it’s been a popular product, specifically in the “fountain of youth” aisle. The truth is, we aren’t built to last forever, and there’s no magic pill to make us live to 150. Having a healthy relationship with food and exercise is always the answer to living a long, healthy life. For many, it’s our day to day choices that make a difference in how we feel and how well we function. 

When a friend of mine turned his poor health around by changing his habits, I was surprised to learn that part of his new routine included taking 500mg of resveratrol a day. It turns out, he was actually taking it for it’s natural anti-inflammatory properties, and immune support! Then I thought, if resveratrol has such valuable short-term effects, why is it gathering dust in the anti-aging section? From then on, I knew it was my mission to get the word out on this powerful polyphenol, and deliver it in a way that compliments healthy lifestyle choices, not just a “miracle cure” for getting older. Whether you have time to craft a nutritious diet or not, I’m confident Oh Grape is the perfect way to supplement your strong foundation of wellness.

-Harry Hagerty, Founder and CEO 

Why resveratrol?

Foods like grapes, blueberries, chocolate, and peanuts all contain Resveratrol. Many studies have shown that this antioxidant is a natural anti-inflammatory and boosts your immune system. Resveratrol is a powerhouse.     

So, why hasn’t resveratrol been paired with other great vitamins to make a new super supplement that helps keep you stronger and healthier than ever before? Well, we’ve done just that. Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, and Magnesium are such vital components to our own wellness that we included them in our unique formula.